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It is clear that the content, that is the choice of the subject, to reflect the good and beautiful reality as faithfully as possible, is of fundamental importance in the creation of the ideal film; but it is equally recognized by specialists that not every choice is possible, since often there are obstacles of a wholly practical nature which arrest the architects on the threshold of the ideal, such as, for example, the intrinsic impossibility of visibly representing certain truths. As you watch stream movies online usingĀ 123movies you will be having the best options for the same now.

Goodness and beauties

The film cannot presume, nor should it risk, to tackle subjects that escape the objective domain, which cannot be translated into images, rebels as they are to any stage interpretation, for technical or artistic reasons, or for other considerations, which can be reasons of social and natural touch, respect and piety, or even prudence and security for human lives. In spite of these limitations, some intrinsic and other practices, the field of topics remains wide and rich, advantageous and attractive; whatever may be the element of that triad that predominates in the single film.

Teaching film

In particular, we will mention in particular the film that proposes teaching, whose main attraction is the truth, as it increases the knowledge of the spectator. There is, no doubt, in this genre, an ideal that can be achieved and whose norms can be summarized as follows: what it offers in cognitions, in illustration, in depth, must be exact, clearly intelligible, conducted with perfect teaching method and with high artistic forms.

  • Pure teaching films are relatively rare; more often than not, perhaps because of the different preparation of the public, rather than delving into the subject, they touch it, restricting itself to giving substantial ideas.
  • Yet, if we take into account the thirst for culture that the public demonstrates to have, and whose fault often regrets, this kind of film, provided it is implemented with ideal perfection, would be well received, while, duly developed and extended, it would benefit the civil progress.
  • The confirmation is given by the not rare production and by the successful success of films based on the natural sciences, some of which deserve the title of ideal films.
  • In fact, nature offers itself to the gaze of the attentive observer, reveals inexhaustible riches of goodness and beauty, mirroring, with transparent sincerity, the infinite superabundance of perfection and the beauty of its Creator.

The film can reap in full force in its threefold kingdom, and through the technical means at its disposal, through the harmonious paths of creation, opened up by the physical and biological sciences, both in the immensity of the heavens and in the intimate recesses of the microcosm. In 123movies get the finest options for the same now.