What You Need To Know About Pre Settlement Funding

Personal wound lawsuits have been known to be stressful, long & expensive. When you can get instant pre-settlement funding then why will you even think about struggling for spending money on your bills while litigation & future agreement awards? Whenever during litigation you need some or any type of financial assistance, there will always be an option of pre-settlement funding available. 

Pre-settlement is referred to the period of time in which a claim has been presented in the courtroom by the plaintiff & before the execution of verdict and judgment takes place.  It is basically the duration where the claim by the plaintiff is unresolved & pending. An advance pre-settlement is basically cash loan against the future claims settlement. 

Why Pre-settlement funding? 

•    The Much Needed Cash – These funding can help you to get your hands on the much-needed cash which help you in instant payment of the bills which you might not be able to settle by yourself if you are injured. 

•    Non-recourse in nature – Usually the pre-settlement funding is non-recourse in nature. Whenever a person has filed or is filing a lawsuit, the company who is going to finance it will do thorough research and look towards both pros and cons of the lawsuit and what chances are there for it being successful in the future. The non-recourse nature implies that the plaintiff only has to pay the money back if he wins the lawsuit and not otherwise. 

•    Assistance in Personal Injury Cases – The main reason that why the fees of personal injury cases might be higher than others as they get extended for a longer period of time and sometimes the receiving structure might not amount to the spending.  This is one of the major reason people seek funding in the cases of any personal injury. 

When you are looking forward to ending the lawsuit on a time before the time it was supposed to or before the final verdict is given, the defense lawyers know that they have a slight advantage and can actually offer you less than what amount should be offered to you. This is one of the main reasons you should be looking for pre-settlement funding. And one of the most appreciated things about these funding is that you do not have to pay them back if you lose the lawsuit. Basically, it is a win-win.